Fitava boasts considerable experience in plant engineering and factory automation , marketing the most important leading companies in the process and in automation.
What has always distinguished Fitava is the attention towards its stakeholders at every touch point of encounter with the latter. In fact, the goal is to make them not only satisfied, but enthusiastic about the experience they had with Fitava.

Via Napoli 45, interno 4, 84014 Nocera Inferiore (SA) – ITALY
TEL +39 081 5170356 | FAX +39 081 5170360


Author: agrelli

The “philosophy” that underpins the design of Fitava Trading’s new premises is rooted in the strong ambition coupled with the humble and determined approach of the proprietors, supported by the meticulous design by the architect, Pasquale Ferrentino. The site was an industrial building from the...